By connecting to and maintaining a connection to The AllredNC IRC Network, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the following rules. If you break any of the rules, you may find yourself banned from our network. Should you not agree to the rules listed here, please disconnect from our network and do not reconnect.

Open Proxies are not permitted on our network. We use a method of scanning for them each time you connect to our network. Upon the detection of an open proxy, your connection will be terminated and you will be given a URL for further information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

The following is prohibited on our network:

  1. Harassment of any kind including, but not limited to:
    1. Hate speech or derogatory remarks toward any user(s)
    2. Remarks that are intended to harm, annoy, or be offensive toward others
    3. Attacking any person because of their religion or race
    4. Excessively private messaging, CTCP’ing, DCC chatting, or other means of privately harassing users
  2. Creation of a Hostile Environment toward anyone by:
    1. Attempting to exchange private messages (PM or PM’s) with any minor which shall be defined as a person under the age of 18
    2. Sharing any personal information with a minor of sexual nature
    3. Posting of adult related material in any channel not designated as adults-only
    4. Habitually swearing or use of foul language in a channel which is marked as +G
  3. Ban Evasion
    1. If you have been banned from our network and attempt to connect, your action is considered to be ban evasion. You may find information on how to appeal a ban set on you here at this link. Repeatedly evading bans will result in a permanent ban from our network and your ISP may be contacted.
      1. Connecting even if briefly to see if your ban has been lifted will count as ban evasion.
    2. You may not by any means assist or facilitate any user that has been banned. This includes providing proxies, and/or relay bots for any user who has been banned from The AllredNC IRC Network.
  4. Illegal Activities of any kind including, but not limited too:
    1. Discussion of any file sharing of copyright protected content
    2. Production, distribution, or discussion of child pornography
    3. Exploitation of another person or user
    4. Credit card fraud
    5. Hacking or Cracking
    6. Bot-netting or spam bot control channels
  5. Non-Friendly Bots
    1. Friendly bots are permitted on this network so long as they don’t do any of the following:
      1. Join any channel without the channel owner’s permission.
      2. Kick or ban any member of The AllredNC IRC Network staff.
      3. Attempt to distribute any illegal materials
      4. Flood or spam the network or a channel
      5. Log a channel for 3rd parties without the channel owner’s permission
      6. Advertise for 3rd parties without the channel owner’s permission
      7. Kick for ‘abusing desync’ (See Eggdrop bot documentation for more information on this.)
    2. Running a service which allows real-time communication between users not directly connected to our network which have been banned from The AllredNC IRC Network is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to any relay type bots.
  6. Privacy or Copyright Infringement
    1. Copyright and privacy infringement are strictly prohibited. Details of users found infringing copyright will be passed to our legal team, without fail.

Please follow the instructions given to you by our network staff. If you are asked to do something by our staff and refuse, you will be considered to have breached these rules and may be banned permanently from our network. Our staff shall have the final say on what is acceptable or not acceptable behavior.

AllredNC IRC Network shall not be held responsible for any act or actions on our network that are not committed by members of our staff. There is no guarantee that the information being transmitted over our network is safe and/or secure at any time. It is our recommendation that you have a good anti-virus program installed and functioning on your computer. We also recommend that you do not click on any link from a person which you do not know.

We will cooperate with any law-enforcement agency with matters which concern our network when filed through the proper channels of authority.

Any questions or comments can be posted on our bulletin board located here.