First, lets’s start off with what a services bot does. It allows you to more easily organize your channel’s settings and allows for use of fantasy commands which are shorter and therefore easier to type. Fantasy commands are commands which may typed publicly into a channel and usually start with an exclamation point (!). There is also two classes of services bots, public and private.

The AllredNC IRC Network provides it’s users with a set of public services bots already. These can be viewed with the command /msg BotServ BOTLIST at any time. We understand these may be fine for most users. You say, “but I want one that’s named after my site/blog.” The AllredNC IRC Network also offers a way to request a custom named bot which may be set as a private bot. A private bot cannot be requested normally and requires an IRC operator to assign to a channel.

Would like one of our services bots set up with a specific name and having a host that points to your domain? Well this is the place to get one. The only things we require in order for you to have one is to have been registered on the IRC network for at least 60 days and donate at least $25 USD or you can donate $50 USD and the registration requirement will be lifted.

In either case, should you want one feel free to drop by our #IRCHelp channel and ask. When requesting a private bot, keep in mind that it will require some information from you. This information will consist of the bot’s nickname, it’s ident, host, and a real name. Look to this example to more clearly see what is required.

BotNickName (botident@bothost) [Bot’s Real Name]

On a side-note, you will be more likely to get one if you are patient enough and don’t start flooding the channel. It is also note-worthy that staff may be away or unavailable for help, so it may be advised that once you make a request to wait for a network operator to read it and respond. We thank you for your continued patronage on The AllredNC IRC Network and wish for you to have a great day.